Not in the Ornamental Teapot is a masterful reimagining of woman. Strong-minded and surprisingly audacious heroines challenge and deconstruct the roles assigned to them by dominant narratives and preconceptions. Voices of older women, which have been traditionally neglected in literature, are granted with space and freedom to articulate their stories. In spite of the traumas inflicted upon them [or because of them] these quiet matriarchs rise to protect what they hold holy—family, home, love.

All proceeds from this publication will go toward the financial support of Room for Art.


This publication would not have been possible without the generous contribution of Marina Zervou, for the cover art, and Andreas Kyriakou of ANKY Studios, for the book and cover design.

Marina Zervou is an artist and art teacher from Cyprus. Her work has featured various exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, the United Kingdom, Finland, and Mexico.

Marina was in charge of the creation and design of educational programs for secondary general education in the field of Museum Education. Within this context, she collaborated with museums and art-galleries, like the Archeological Museum in Nicosia, Leventios Gallery, and NiMAC. She organized and coordinated student and art teachers’ guided tours, workshops, and lectures within museum and gallery spaces. As an art teacher, Marina participated in a number of Erasmus Plus programs and also represented Cyprus in Tallinn for the European Junior Achievement Award Competition after her team of students and colleagues won the JAA in 2014.

Marina holds a BA in Fine Arts, from the Athens School of Fine Arts where she studied on a scholarship by the State Scholarship Foundation of Greece. She continued her studies at the University of the Arts London (UAL), Camberwell College of Arts, where she obtained a Master’s Degree in Drawing.

Andreas Kyriakou is a graphic designer and has a thirteen years of experience as an art director in the field of advertising. He has worked with clients such as ION AE, Bank of Cyprus, Debenhams, Opap Cyprus and many more.

Andreas’ passion is graphic design and has a knack of turning ideas into visual art. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Arizona.