Les Femmes (se) Racontent

Erato’s short story “Le Lave” in translation from Greek, featured the Volume

Les femmes (se) racontent. Expériences dans les PECO

Editor: Simona Necula

Presses Universitaires de l’Université de Bucarest (Bucharest, 2017)

“From these texts emerge rebellious, uncompromising young women confronted with pain and suffering which they oppose with their determination to defend their right to happiness, to reveal social flaws, and to affirm writing as a force. Hélène Cixous defines female writing in her essay The Laughter of the Medusa (1975) and states that “women must write themselves: they must write about women and lead them to write. They have been dispossessed of literature as violently as they have been from their bodies. “

RENIE YOTOVA, Director of the OIF Regional Office for Central and Eastern European Countries

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