About Room for Art

About Room for Art

Room for Art is a Nicosia based Foundation established to support arts and artists in Cyprus and Beyond . . .

Nicosia is a remarkable city—a city of grandiose medieval tales of knights and queens, and humble folklore. Being the last divided European capital she still suffers the wounds of her recent past. But the walled city of Nicosia is slowly starting to blossom back to its past glory, with her art galleries, museums and small creative businesses stemming from the narrow alleys within the walls. She is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

Within this context, the idea of Room for Art was conceived. Room for Art aspires to contribute, through its projects, toward the creation of a cultural hub within the walls of the old town of Nicosia and to promote the walled city as a cultural destination for local and international artists and researchers. Simultaneously, Room for Art seeks to provide support and guidance to local and international writers and artists who juggle the demands of ‘real life’ and their creative work.

It is our firm belief that in the midst of global turmoil and angst, art and creative expression are the strongholds of our humanity and for this reason, amongst the Room’s goals is to promote the ideals of freedom, democracy, peace, and mutual understanding through art and endeavor to utilize art for human rights, dispute resolution and reconciliation.

Room for Art is an officially registered Foundation since 15 September 2020, according to the relevant law of the Republic of Cyprus.

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